Protection of the goods
against fakes by using of
the mobile-code system

   Fighting against swindlers the manufacturers spend enormous means, creating all new and new ways of protection of the goods. However these ways quickly become outdated as swindlers, possessing modern powerful computer technics, quickly master novelties and again start manufacturing of counterfeit products.
Thus both a manufacturer, and an ordinary consumer  bear  losses . And the increase of the price of the made products (connected with implementation of a new way of protection of these products by the manufacturer) among other things lays down on shoulders of the last.

The given problem could  be solved by a centralised system which at one level would unite manufacturers and would give the maximum protection of their production, and 100 % guarantee   of AUTHENTICITY of the GOODS to a consumer , also the system allows the consumer to contact for the first time the manufacturer directly. Since July, 2008, company " Module Code",Ltd under the brand "STOP-SWINDLER" places such system of protection of the goods, including securities and banknotes, in operation.

The essence of the way of protection of the products which is realised in offered system, consists in the following. For each product which requires protection, the company " Module  Code" gives a scratch-card to a manufacturer with a unique code which is saved further in an electronic database (server). The code is put by the manufacturer on a product (a label).After purchase, a buyer can check up authenticity of a product, having sent SMS on specified number. In  SMS text it is necessary to write the secret code put on the product. As a result of processing of the passed code, the answer message of one of three possible formats will be sent to the buyer. If the code is valid and  still by nobody   is activated , in SMS text the product and its manufacturer knowledge  will be specified. If the code is valid but it is already activated, in the message there will be compulsory line  "Repeated registration", and  the product and its manufacturer knowledge  will be further sent. If the passed code is not valid - that in the message it will be written.

Thus, having identified each commodity unit by a unique code, the system protects a manufacturer from falsification of  these goods, both on qualitative, and quantitative level. Thus the buyers get the guarantee  of authenticity of the  products  they buy, and possibly the lowering of  cost depending on simplification of protective units.

Advantages of mobile-code system over earlier existing hologramme images, packages, logos, etc.) consist in such thing that company "Module Code",Ltd in  the maximum of 30 seconds allows a buyer to identify authenticity of the goods  worldwide where there is  mobile communication and to receive the trustworthy information about purchase.To a consumer this system is given absolutely free of charge.

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