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                          Our offer to a manufacturer

  • We deliver you  labels, each of which contains a unique protective code consisting of letters of the Latin alphabet and figures. Thus each commodity unit from the same line will have its unique code;

  • We support a database of unique protective codes and the products corresponding to them, and also a database of phone numbers of the subscribers using given service;

  • We give You a possibility to  generate the sms text yourselves, according to the physical restrictions imposed by the system;

  • We support a reception and data transmission of answer sms; We make a calculation of the activated protective codes for a certain group of the goods;

  • We support a feedback with the end-costumer of the goods by phone of a hot line;

  • We give the information on  name, a place and time of realisation of counterfeit production for a concrete manufacturer, shown by the end-consumers by phone of a hot line.
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